Heaven’s Cry. Worthy is the Lamb!

Heaven’s Cry. Worthy is the Lamb!

DEVOTIONAL for Thursday 30th March 2017

The sheep on the hillsides outside Bethlehem were the Temple flocks. It was from these that the sacrificial lambs were taken for sacrifice at the Temple just a few miles away. At the time of Jesus’ birth, these shepherds were doing the job their Fathers had done for generations. They were taking care of the sacrificial lambs. These shepherds were generally poor men, working in poor conditions, battling the elements. Caring for and protecting the sheep.

Suddenly God broke in; an Angel appeared – an event that caused the Shepherds to be “greatly afraid”. His announcement about the birth of Jesus told them that there was one more sacrificial lamb to be watched over – one who in years to come would make His passage to Jerusalem to spill His blood for the redemption of all men. Suddenly a host of Angels appeared Glorifying God. That night the Shepherds saw the most wonderful displays of Angelic activity that any man, before or since has seen.

The Lamb destined to become King

Years later, this “Lamb”, who was also Prophet, Priest and King, entered through the gates of Jerusalem to the shouts of “Hosanna”, children waved palm branches and celebration filled the air. This entrance into Jerusalem was a path of destiny. The “Lamb” was coming to die. He was coming to present Himself to the Father, as the spotless sacrifice. The Angels did not celebrate this, they looked in wonder, in awe at the God-Man who loved mankind so much He was willing to die in their place. Only one Angel appeared during these few days – one sent to strengthen Jesus in the Garden as he wrestled so intensely that blood mingled with the sweat pouring from his brow. In the strength of that encouragement Jesus went to the cross to present Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for sin.

The Lamb is worthy – You are forgiven

When someone brought a lamb as a sin offering to the Temple for sacrifice, the Priest was only interested in one thing. He didn’t question the person about their sin or assess whether they were “good enough” to receive forgiveness. He just examined the Lamb. If the Lamb was “worthy” – if it was pure and spotless, then their sin could be forgiven.

The Father looked down upon His “Lamb” and declared “He is worthy”. Heaven has never stopped repeating that phrase. The Angels have a new song they now sing with the redeemed. “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain”.

Today, as you seek to come into the Father’s Presence, He does not stop to examine you – He examines the Lamb and because the Lamb is worthy He opens His arms to embrace you.

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