We are collecting for a large distribution of food to needy families in September. Your donations will be placed in a balanced box that will help feed these families over the course of a week or more.


Please bring your donations to

ACTS at 75 Tennessee Street, Redlands CA 92373 on:

Saturday Mornings in August

between 9am and 10am


Please bring your bags into the Orange Tree Room where you will find tables where you can place them for sorting.

Coffee will be available if you want to stay a while and talk with others attending. Use the OT Room or use the tables in shaded areas outside to meet.

The Sanctuary will be open during these same hours and you can sit in there and pray/worship and receive soaking prayer if you would like.

If you would rather not be in contact with anyone, put the bags in your TRUNK, then when you arrive, someone can lift them out and take them into the Orange Tree Room for you while you stay in your car.



We will begin packing supplies into boxes from Saturday 22nd August, we need volunteers from that date to help pack the boxes ready for distribution.





Here is what we need:

  • Soup – Can

  • Mashed Potatoes – Box

  • Rice – Bag

  • Spaghetti – Bag/Box

  • Spaghetti Sauce – Jar

  • Mac & Cheese – Box

  • Beans – Can

  • Peanut Butter – Jar

  • Jelly/Jam – Jar

  • Vegetables – Can

  • Fruit – Can

  • Tuna – Can

  • Cereals – Box/Bag

  • Chili

  • Cooking oil

  • Canned stew



Please buy regular bags/boxes of rice etc. Bulk bags for separation introduce issues with hygiene that we would rather not have to deal with at this time.



What not to donate to the ACTS Food Drive

The number one rule to remember is this: if your donation is perishable, i.e. it’s something that has a limited shelf life if not refrigerated, we can’t accept it. But there are other categories of food that you can donate. We've broken it all down into this handy list:

  • Items needing refrigeration: As we've already mentioned, this is the big one. Food like produce, dairy and meat can spoil easily and wed don’t have the refrigerator or freezer space needed to keep these items fresh. Similarly, fresh fruit and veg will spoil so avoid those items.

  • Expired food: When considering what to donate, think about what you’d be comfortable serving your family. Chances are, you don’t eat food that’s past its “use-by” or “sell-by” date, so avoid donating anything past those dates as it could be unsafe to eat.

  • Leftovers: While it may be tempting to want to share the bountiful food from big meals, it’s best to keep leftovers for family. To ensure the people we serve are safe, we can’t accept leftovers or anything made in personal kitchens because they aren’t individually sealed and the we can’t verify the ingredients or preparation process. 

  • Food with packaging concerns: This includes food with damaged packaging such as dented or bloated cans, packaging that is already open, or even items in glass containers, which can shatter and cause food safety concerns for any other food they’re stored near. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't consider buying it new, don't donate it.

  • Baked goods: Similar to leftovers, since we can’t confirm how your baked goods were made or their ingredients, they can’t be donated.




  • Ask Friends, Family and work colleagues to join in.

  • Put a sign in your yard asking for donations

  • Ask your local stores for donations – a Donation Tax receipt can be supplied by the Church for donations totaling over $250

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