Book of Revelation Series

Study of the Book of Revelation

In this multi-part study, Kevin Matthews – Senior Pastor of ACTS unfolds the entire Book of Revelation in a highly challenging, yet supremely understandable manner.  The study focuses primarily upon Jesus as He brings an end to the age, directing a Glorious Church through vicious opposition, to harvest the greatest in-gathering of souls into the Kingdom of God that the world has ever seen. This is the Church’s greatest day, a period of unprecedented signs, wonders and miracles. Jesus is returning as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and every eye will see Him as He truly is – King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is coming for a Glorious Church that will reign with Him through eternity. The study begins on Sunday 4th June 2017.

Pic of Kevin Matthews
Kevin Matthews

Notes for each session are available via the link provided in Adobe PDF format and may be read or downloaded as required. 

Part 1. Introduction and Structure of the Book

The Book of Revelation is a wonderfully, inspiring letter to the Church. A letter written to encourage the Church as it waits for Jesus to return. It is first and foremost a revelation of Jesus as the Majestic second person of the Trinity, the WORD of God. Revelation reveals Him as He is, the ALPHA & OMEGA, the beginning and the end. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus is described, not as the sacrificial Lamb of His first incarnation, but as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The one who executes the Judgments of God. The one who will cleanse the earth of all evil. The one who will establish an eternal Kingdom with the redeemed in a renewed Heaven and Earth.  He is the focus, His is the agenda, and His the glorious eternal victory.

ACTS Revelation Study Notes Part 1


Revelation Study Part 1 – Kevin Matthews – ACTS from ACTS Center on Vimeo.


Part 2. John’s Vision of Jesus

First and foremost the Book of Revelation is a revealing of Jesus Christ. He is the focus of the whole Book as He orchestrates the time of the end. John sees Jesus in His revealed resurrection Glory. Not this time as the sacrificial Lamb who comes to bear the punishment for man’s sin, but as the King of Kings who comes to rule and reign. These fascinating insights into the person of Jesus help us to appreciate God’s agenda and His motives in bringing an end to the age. 

ACTS Revelation Study Notes Part 2

AUDIO MESSAGE – Revelation Part 2

AUDIO MESSAGE – Revelation Part 2 (Second half)

Part 3. The Letters to the Seven Churches

Jesus is standing in the center of the seven Churches, all which were personally familiar to John, in nearby locations , directing Angels to attend them in their mission. He is portrayed as the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, watching over, protecting and guiding the Churches. These letters have a wider application to the whole Church – especially the Church of the end times. Jesus reveals Himself personally to them, encourages, reproves and corrects them and makes promises of reward to “him who overcomes”

ACTS Revelation Study Notes Part 3

AUDIO MESSAGE – Revelation Part 3

Part 4. The Throne of God

John is taken up to the Throne Room of God, where He encounters the breathtakingly Beautiful God seated upon the Throne, surrounded by the Heavenly Court. A stunning rainbow with emerald hue surrounds the Throne which is surrounded by a Sea of glass like crystal. Each part of the scene enables us to see God’s Glory and His redemptive nature manifest in Christ, the Lamb upon the Throne.

ACTS Revelation Study Notes Part 4

AUDIO MESSAGE – Revelation Part 4

Part 5. The Lion and the Lamb

There is a scroll, sealed with seven seals in the Father’s hand. An Angel asks, “Who is worthy to take the scroll and open its seals?” John begins weeping uncontrollably because he is suddenly aware that he and indeed the whole human race is incapable of taking action. There is no one! Then one of the Elders tells Him to look … there is a Lamb standing … He is Worthy, He can take the scroll and activate the great end-time plan of God.

All Heaven bows in Worship before this Lamb who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Jesus takes the scroll from the Father’s outstretched hand …..

ACTS Revelation Study Notes Part 5

AUDIO MESSAGE – Revelation Part 5

Part 5 (2nd Session) The Prophetic Song: Worthy is the Lamb – Revelation  5

All Heaven joins in the Prophetic Song – Worthy is the Lamb. It is a song of declaration to the Heavens and the Earth about Jesus and what He is rightfully due to receive from every creature. The song shakes the Heavens and the Earth. A revived Church, powerfully anointed for its end-time purpose offers up Intercession and Worship and fills the Heavenly Bowls. This message will excite you and inspire you about what God has in store for His people.

Download the audio file here: Revelation 5 (Part 2) Audio

Download or View the Study Notes here: ACTS Book of Revelation Study 5 (Part 2)

Part 6 – The Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27

The Prophet Daniel receives vital information about the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the first and second comings of Jesus the Messiah. This information (which – concerning the first coming of Christ – is highly accurate) gives the Church vital information about the end times and a confidence to look for His return. By understanding the “70 weeks” and God’s Prophetic time clock, we gain insight about the final years leading up to Jesus’ return to the Earth

Download the audio file here: Part 6 – 70 Weeks – Audio

Download or View the Study Notes here: ACTS Book of Revelation Study Part 6

Part 7 – Babylon the Great – Rev 17-19:10

We now switch to look at the major themes in the Book of Revelation that detail the events of the last years.

In Revelation 17 through Rev 19:10 we see a description of the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ – the political, economic and social environment in which he rises. It is this “Kingdom”, this system that prepares the world for the most diabolical deception there has ever been. It is the same deception, created by the same personality who brought Adam and Eve into destruction. The question he uses to deceive in these last days is even the same question he used in the garden, “Has God said”. Everything about this “Kingdom” supports a questioning, a debasing and eventual rejection of moral law rooted in the Bible. Tolerance and freedom are the mantras of the day as Christians are labeled as a hate group based upon a hate filled prehistoric belief system that has no place in an enlightened modern society.

Psalm 2 describes this world-wide environment as the leaders declare … “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?  2 The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, 3 ‘Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.’ the “chains and shackles” are the laws and parameters of human behavior based in the world of God. Into this environment of rebellion against the Word of God, the Anti-Christ emerges – the man of lawlessness is revealed – not as an evil dictator, but rather as an imitation of Christ Himself. The Anti-Christ fakes the second coming of Christ – even using amazing miraculous supernatural power to convince all of who he is. That is until half way through his 7 years reign he reveals his true identity and demands world-wide worship as god.

Download the Audio File here: Part 7 (first session) Babylon the Great

Download the Session Notes here: Part 7 – Babylon the Great

Babylon the Great – Revelation 17-19:10 (Second Part)


Download the Audio File here: Part 7 (second session) Babylon the Great

Download the Session Notes here: Part 7 – Babylon the Great

Part 8 – Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelation

  1. The woman and the dragon – Revelation 12:1-17
  2. The rise of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet – Revelation 13:1-18
  3. The Anti-Christ marches out to war – Rev 6:1-2
  4. The persecution of the two witnesses in Jerusalem – Rev 11:7, 11-12
  5. Demonic powers released / Death Angels – Revelation 9:1-20
  6. The return of Jesus, the end of Anti-Christ and the False Prophet – Revelation 19:1-21
  7. The imprisoning of Satan and his eventual destruction – Revelation 20:1-3, 7-10

Download the Study Notes here: Part 8 – Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ in the Book of Revelation

Part 9 – The People of God and the Great Tribulation

  1. The Great Destiny of the Church in the Last Days
  2. What Martyrdom means
  3. The Glorious Church in the Book of Revelation
  4. Three Prayers of David to pray in the context of Revelation

Download the Study Notes here: Part 9 – The people of God and the Great Tribulation

Part 10 – The Return of the King

  1. The events surrounding the return of Jesus
  2. What takes place when Jesus returns
  3. The great Parade of Jesus and the Saints
  4. The Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
  5. Armageddon – The battle for Jerusalem

Download the Study Notes here: Part 10 – The Return of the King

Download the Audio file here:  Part 10 – The Return of the King

Part 11 – The Millennium

  1. Overview of the Millennium
  2. Understanding what the Scriptures teach about Heaven
  3. Events of the Millennial period
  4. A Parable about the Millennium – the parable of the talents

Download the Study Notes here: Part 11 – The Millennium