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The Book of Acts Study Part 1

The Book of Acts is the second part of Luke's documentation of the life and work of Jesus and His Disciples. Originally circulated as one volume, the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts was later separated into two books as the early Church began to circulate the 4…

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The Precious Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus is the most powerful substance in existence! It is the basis of the New Covenant agreement between God and Man and carries the power to completely obliterate guilt and sin. Through the Blood of Jesus a New and Living Way has been opened up into the…

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The Body & Blood of Jesus

The Body & Blood of Jesus Kevin Matthews - ACTS - Sunday 18th March 2018 On the night before His death, Jesus gathered His disciples and shared with them the symbols that would embody the realities of the New Covenant. The bread and the wine are a perpetual reminder to…

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The Announcement of the Angels

The Announcement of the Angels to the Shepherds outside of Bethlehem of the birth of Jesus made a powerful connection between the Peace of God and the Presence of God. Immanuel, (God with us) had arrived the one who was called the "Prince of Peace". He would, in a few…

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Part 10 of Book of Revelation Study

The Return of the King The most thrilling event of human history will take place when Jesus Christ returns to the Earth as Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords. The end of the period of trouble will culminate in the sounding of the 7th Trumpet and a shout from…

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Part 7 (2nd Part) Book of Revelation Study

Babylon the Great – Revelation 17-19:10 We now switch to look at the major themes in the Book of Revelation that detail the events of the last years. In Revelation 17 through Rev 19:10 we see a description of the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ – the political, economic and social…

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